Feng-Jun Lin

Feng-Jun Lin

Director, Arup
“Canton Tower: Engineering the Elegance”
Karl-Otto Schoellkopf

Karl-Otto Schoellkopf

Head of Global High Rise Product Manager, Product Lifecycle Management, thyssenkrupp
“Rottweil: Rethinking Elevator Test Towers”
Jason Gabel

Jason Gabel

Communications Manager, CTBUH
“The Ledge, Tilt, SkySlide and Other Attractions: Rejuvenating Observation Decks”
The world of tall telecommunication / observation towers has boomed in the past decade or so, with several towers taking the title of “world’s tallest” after the 34-year reign of the CN Tower Toronto. Perhaps the most iconic of these is Guangzhou’s Canton Tower – the record holder for two years from 2010, until overtaken by the Tokyo Sky Tree in 2012. 600 meters tall and embracing the world’s highest inclined Ferris wheel, this diagrid structure forms an iconic presence at the end of the Huacheng Square in the new CBD of Zhujiang New Town. This program embraced presentations on several of the most iconic telecommunications / observation towers planned and in existence – including the structural and other technical challenges of such buildings – and included a full behind-the-scenes tour of the Canton Tower.

Venue: Canton Tower
100 Delegates

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Wednesday 19 October, Schedule, Guangzhou

8:30 am Arrival & Coffee
8:55 am Welcome from Canton Tower
9:00 am “Engineering the World’s Tallest Observation Decks”
9:20 am Presentation 2
9:40 am Presentation 3
10:00 am Q&A
10:15 am Coffee Break
10:45 am Tour of Canton Tower
12:00 pm Delegates depart for lunch and afternoon program at Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre

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About This Program Location

Canton Tower

About Canton Tower

Located on the banks of the Pear (Zhujiang) River, Canton Tower stands across from the new main central business district of Guangzhou and creates a visual axis through the center of the city’s tallest skyscraper cluster. The axis begins in a park space to the south of the tower footprint and travels northward, crossing the river and running through the center of a large rooftop park spanning the top of a subterranean mall ringed with high-rise buildings. Continuing northward, the axis passes through additional open spaces, bisects a stadium and ends at CITIC Plaza, Guangzhou’s first supertall building, completed in 1996.

Canton Tower was constructed as a composite tube-in-tube design, featuring a reinforced concrete core containing all of the tower’s services and vertical… Read More

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