Shifu Wang

Shifu Wang

Dean of the Urban Planning Department, South China University of Technology
“Zhujiang New Town - Guangzhou Intelligence and Power”
Hui Zhang

Hui Zhang

Vice President, Guangzhou R&F Properties
“The Rational Romanticism of the Super-High-Rise”
Paul De Santis

Paul De Santis

Principal, Goettsch Partners
“Iconic Yet Efficient: R&F Yingkai Square - The Complications of Context”
This new central business district is organized around Huacheng Square – one of the best skyscraper-connected urban spaces in the world. A pedestrianized green ‘lung’ in the center of Guangzhou, fronting the famous Pearl River, this 560,000-square-meter linear park tops a three-story underground retail mall and is ringed by a collection of amazing skyscrapers, as well as other iconic buildings such as the Guangzhou Opera House and Guangdong New Museum. Perhaps more than any other developer, R&F Properties have been instrumental in the development of this new CBD, including the creation of many of the seminal buildings. Taking place in the 296-meter high R&F Yingkai Square Tower, this program embraced a full tour of this 2014 skyscraper, as well as presentations on the overall urban development of the area.

Venue: R&F Yingkai Square
Capacity: 60 Delegates

Program Hosted by:

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Wednesday, 19 October, Schedule, Guangzhou

8:30 am Arrival & Coffee
8:55 am Welcome from R&F Properties
9:00 am “Zhujiang New Town – Guangzhou Intelligence and Power”
9:20 am Presentation 2
9:40 am “Iconic Yet Efficient: R&F Yingkai Square – The Complications of Context”
10:00 am Q&A
10:15 am Coffee Break
10:45 am Tour of R&F Yingkai Square
12:00 pm Delegates depart for lunch and afternoon program at Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre

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About This Program Location

R&F Yingkai Square

About R&F Yingkai Square

Located in Guangzhou’s new main central business district, R&F Yingkai Square stands within the city’s tallest cluster of towers. The rectilinear footprint of the tower aligns with the adjacent street grid and defines the open spaces between it and the neighboring buildings as a collection of urban rooms leading to a large central green space covering the roof of large subterranean mall at the center of the district.

The design of R&F Yingkai Square was inspired by the segmentation of Chinese bamboo, with notched corners at alternating heights creating a zigzag pattern over the height of the tower and adding complexity to an otherwise simple form. The tower has a highly textured façade featuring a pattern of stainless steel and glass which begins with a metallic base and… Read More

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