Herman Chui

Herman Chui

General Manager, TaiKoo Hui (Guangzhou) Development Company Limited
“Cross-Cultural Mixed-Use Developments: A New Force in “Urban Organic Renewal””
Peter Brannan

Peter Brannan

Managing Director - Asia & Middle East, Arquitectonica
“Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Miami: Designing a Cross-Cultural Architectural Brand”
Piers Brunner

Piers Brunner

Chief Executive Officer, Greater China, Knight Frank
“Latest Trends in Chinese Outbound Capital”
Perhaps the aspect of urban development that has changed most pre- and post-2008 recession, is the interconnectedness and flow of development capital across traditional geographic borders. Developments in Sydney are as likely to be driven by forces from Shanghai as locally, and many developers in China are now investing in myriad urban centers around the world. At the forefront of this international investment trend is Swire Properties, a Hong-Kong based developer who has recently developed unique, dense, multi-use urban centers in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Miami. With urban brands such as Taikoo Hui, Taikoo Li and Brickell, these developments embrace commercial, residential, hotel, retail and myriad other uses, across geographies and cultures. In this presentation delegates learned about the motivations for these cross-cultural developments, as well as gained insight on the different opportunities and challenges faced in each locale.

Venue: TaiKoo Hui
45 Delegates

Program Hosted & Organized by:


Wednesday 19 October, Schedule, Guangzhou

8:30 am Arrival & Coffee
8:55 am Welcome from Swire Properties
9:00 am “Cross-Cultural Mixed-Use Developments:
A New Force in “Urban Organic Renewal”
9:20 am “Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Miami:
Designing a Cross-Cultural Architectural Brand”
9:40 am “Latest Trends in Chinese Outbound Capital”
10:00 am Q&A
10:15 am Coffee Break
10:45 am Tour of TaiKoo Hui
12:00 pm Delegates depart for lunch and afternoon program at Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre

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About This Program Location

TaiKoo Hui Tower 1

About TaiKoo Hui Tower 1

Located in the Tianhe Central Business District of Guangzhou – one of southern China’s largest and most active commercial centers – stands TaiKoo Hui Tower 1. As part of a larger five-component, mixed-use development just north of Tianhe Road and west of Tianhe Dong Road, TaiKoo Hui Tower 1 is the tallest of the complex’s two office towers.

The tower’s design is predominantly rectangular with wedges cut out of its southeastern and northwestern corners, giving the tower a defined presence on its most prominent street entrance along Tianhe Road. It sports a blue reflective glass façade interrupted by a series of vertical steel mullions that add tempo and regularity to the tower’s otherwise uniform exterior. The double-height ground floor is equipped with clear transparent… Read More

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