CM (Patrick) Wong

CM (Patrick) Wong

Senior Structural Engineer, Hong Kong Housing Authority
“High-Rise Public Housing”
John T.C. Tam

John T.C. Tam

Senior Architect, Hong Kong Housing Authority
“Public Rental Housing Development at Shui Chuen O Estate”
Note: The Hong Kong off-site programs were cancelled due to a Signal 8 typhoon advisory hoisted by the Hong Kong Observatory. The below information portrays the program as it was meant to happen.

Hong Kong (and other places in Asia) have managed to make the transition to high-rise living in a way that is largely unthinkable in most of the western world. This is especially true in the realm of government-built high-rise “social housing,” which has largely been an unmitigated disaster in the west. It is not unusual to see clusters of a half dozen similar towers, embracing and supporting specific residential communities, across cities throughout Asia. But what is behind these facades? How do these residential clusters manage to function, and provide a level of facilities, urban space, and a system for a sense of community to develop? This program will embrace one such public housing cluster – and convene a number of presentations by those involved in the project, as well as tours of the complex itself.

Venue: Shui Chuen O Estate Office
Meeting Location: Gather at Shatin Wai MTR Station Exit D at 8:30 a.m. Meeting Room in Shui Chuen O Estate Office, Shatin, New Territories of Hong Kong
30 Delegates

Program Hosted & Organized By:

Friday 21 October, Schedule, Hong Kong

8:30 am Gather at Shatin Wai MTR Station Exit D
8:40 am Short tour around the exterior area of Shui Chuen O Estate
8:55 am Arrive at Estate Office & welcome drinks
9:00 am Welcome from Mr. Wong, Hong Kong Housing Authority
9:05 am John T.C. Tam, Hong Kong Housing Authority to present the design
10:00 am Q&A
10:15 am Coffee Break
10:45 am Tour within Shui Chuen O Estate

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