The Inevitability of Global Adaptation: East and West

Peter Brannan
Managing Director - Asia & Middle East
Arquitectonica, Hong Kong

For architecture and engineering firms working for development clients who build large-scale urban projects in various corners of the world, the effort is often facilitated by regional satellite offices to ensure that the ambitions of each of the client’s projects are tailored to the local idiosyncrasies of design, culture, zoning, building codes and construction techniques. Some of these clients will develop globally, beyond their home territories, while many focus only on specific regions of comfort, be it foreign or domestic. In this case, similar to A/E teams, developers are seeking local partners for success in more unfamiliar geographies and for establishing a local presence. Through research and case-studies, this presentation illustrates how the success of projects produced for globally-active developers differ in their respective markets. The case-studies will include projects for an Asia-based and a US-based multinational developer, and will cover projects with geographies from the United States and Asia.

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