127 Years, 12 Buildings, 9 Footbridges: Creating Horizontal Connectivity Across a Vertical Portfoli

James Robinson
Executive Director
Hongkong Land Limited, Hong Kong

Rickshaws and sedan chairs parked in neat ranks waiting for business in the shade of banyan trees, contrasting with that of businessmen from many parts of the world going about their affairs. That was the street life in Hong Kong's early days. Not unit the growing congestion of the 1950s was vehicular and pedestrian traffic a consideration for those designing and buildings Hong Kong's Central District. So in the early 1960s, the idea arose within Hongkong Land to connect two of its prime properties, Prince's Building and The Mandarin Hotel, by an elevated footbridge high above the bustlin gstreet. This was the city's first such public overhead walkway, and the first of many.

Today it is hard to imagine Hong Kong's Central Business District without these elevated, mostly now air-conditioned, footbridges that can take pedestrians from one side of Central to the other without impediment, come heat, rain or typhoon.

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