Quality Public Housing in a Vertical City

Ada Y.S. Fung
Deputy Director of Housing (Development & Construction)
Hong Kong Housing Authority, Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA) provides affordable public rental housing to meet the needs of about 30% of the seven million inhabitants of Hong Kong. As a result, HKHA has a major role to play in shaping the city fabric. We are committed to building sustainable communities to promote green, safe, and healthy living, achieving better public housing design as we truly believe in living in harmony based on a people-centric approach. Given tight financial and land resources we need to tackle the multi-faceted challenges of housing design in the high-rise high density compact city. When we face problems, we have to explore options, conduct Research & Development, and find innovative solutions. These are our drivers for continuous improvement. As a result, we find success stories in improving the process as well as the products of our quality public housing in a vertical city.

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