Mixed Reality for AECO

Aviad Almagor
Director, Mixed Reality Program
Trimble Solutions Corporation, Brookline

This presentation investigated the use of mixed reality for AECO. The far-reaching impact of construction projects on the urban fabric and the economic impact of such projects require efficient design review and analysis tools. Moreover, the global nature of such projects and the involvement of public and government organizations imply the need for effective communication and collaboration solutions. The last few years’ transition from 2-D to 3-D models and the implementation of BIM have improved communication, but still, interacting with volumetric data behind a 2-D screen is extremely limited. Mixed reality brings the content out of the screen and provides users the ability to interact with design data more intuitively. Unleashing the 3-D models democratizes the data by offering a natural way for everyone to experience the design and associated information overlaid onto the world. This rich, hyper-reality environment supports design decisions, enables efficient collaboration, and introduces new design opportunities.

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