Exploring Geometry and Form in Tall Buildings

Chris Wilkinson
Principal and Founding Director
WilkinsonEyre, London

Using four tower designs on four continents – the Guangzhou International Finance Center in China, the Crown Sydney Resort Hotel in Australia, 45 Bay Street in Canada, and 150 Leadenhall Street in the UK – Chris Wilkinson explained Wilkinson Eyre’s approach to designing tall buildings with sculptural form.

For most of the 20th century, towers have been conceived as vertical extrusions, usually rectangular or circular with a central core and a simple structure to provide lateral stiffness; why would you do anything else? Well, it’s because we can, and indeed, there is a demand for innovative and exciting tall buildings in particular locations. Towers can make wonderful landmarks, but they have to be special. Throughout history, architecture has evolved in line with technological innovation. Recent advances in software have opened up enormous opportunities for more complex structures and now is the time to explore new forms.

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