Using Parametric Simulation and GIS to Design a Stormwater Solution for a Chinese Sponge-City

Christopher Drew
Director of Sustainability
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, Chicago

One of the predicted effects of climate change in Central China is an increase in precipitation and in extreme rainfall intensity. In 2015, the Chinese government approved the development of 16 model “sponge cities,” one of which is Wuhan, where we had been tasked by the local government to develop a sustainable masterplan for a mixed-use development along the north bank of the Yangtze River. We selected a target of managing 90% of a 1:100 year rainfall event onsite and controlling the discharge of the remainder to the River. We used GIS to assign infiltration rates and below grade storage capacity to each horizontal surface within the City and used a parametric dashboard to display the effects of making changes to the design on the stormwater management target. Through combining these tools we were able to optimize the distribution of strategies across development parcels, roads and open space.

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