Sky City - Grouped Hig Rise

Chun Jiang
Managing Director, Design Principle
Jiang Architects and Engineers, Shanghai

Ever since the development of Chinese urbanization, the supply of land for development in many cities has reached its limits. Apart from simply restoring old buildings, there are generally three ways to solve this issue, which could be put as: "to borrow from sky," "to borrow from underground" and to "enhance rural development." Among these three analogies, "to borrow from sky" seems obviously the most economical solution. However, the efficiency, safety and comfort of high-rise construction is restricted by modern technology. To tackle this issue, Jiang proposed the concept of the "grouped high-rise sky city," which contains two strategies: "vertical transportation and facilities constructed as municipal infrastructure" and "high-rise buildings divided into groups of multi-story buildings." The development of this concept requires the collective efforts from the government, the real estate industry, and academic researchers, the realization of which could help to bring about a more economical, efficient and green city.

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