The Psychological Relationship Between a Tall Building and a City

Claes Caroli
HSB Malmö, Malmo

Building a tall building in 2002 in a city that has its roots in the 11th century was a challenge. At the time this project started, the city of Malmö was in bad shape. For years, it had leaned upon it famous shipyard, heavy industries, car manufacturers, and related activities. When the shipyard closed in 1987 the deterioration began. Luckily the city had some far-sighted and visionary politicians in city hall. They realized that the city must evolve from an industrial-based city to a knowledge-based city. At the same time, HSB Malmö was expanding and looking for new land areas to explore. The city got a new university and a new industry developing smart phones and computer games. This new platform, however, had to be accepted by the citizens. The Turning Torso was the answer for that – a new icon.

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