Mixed Use Tall Buildings – The Challenges and Benefits of Vertical Urbanisation

Samuel So
Head of Super Tall Building Services, Greater China
JLL, Shenzhen

China is the global epicenter of mankind’s mass urbanization and the exploding growth of global cities. China is the unrivaled leader in the development of tall buildings on an unprecedented scale in terms of their number, geographic distribution, and sheer scale. This phenomenon is rapidly and dramatically changing the scale of cities in China, and the fabric of the purpose, function, and operation of the buildings of which they are comprised. The creation of diverse vertical communities, the social, operational, and economic challenges they impose – yet with the promise of significant benefits to the health and well-being of the community and other stakeholders – is driving the adoption of new paradigms for the ownership and management of mixed use tall buildings. This presentation outlined the emergence of mixed-use tall buildings in China’s cities that support diverse uses and functions. It also explored the economic necessity to incorporate mixed uses.

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