Integrated Transport Networks, Communities and the Design of Mixed-Use Developments

David Zaballero
Arquitectonica, Manila

The presentation examined the importance of integrated public and private transportation in mixed-use developments within the city and how this affects and improves our lives. The proximity and accessibility to major transport nodes has a critical impact on how we resolve and create a sustainable future. The presentation showed how the incorporation of PTI’s (Public Transportation Interchanges) helps to resolve these issues and underlines the importance of integrating these connections with the horizontal and vertical transportation of our buildings at the earliest stages of design. Other topics included vertical transportation connecting with the ground plane; horizontal transportation connection points and planes; and pedestrian tunnels, bridges, and walkways connecting the city. In summary, the presentation aimed to highlight the importance of integrating public transportation within our buildings and cities in making our lives healthier and more convenient. Case studies were used to support and explain the presentation.

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