Mega Size Mixed-Use Projects: Redefining Vertical Urbanism

Dennis Poon CTBUH Leader
Vice Chairman
Thornton Tomasetti, New York City

As the draw to urban centers increases drastically with financial growth and global influence, emerging markets seek to develop salient markers of success and hope. This presentation explored the trend of defining an icon with a mixed-use development, and how designers cope with the scale and magnitude of these high-profile projects, especially in regions breaking ground for mega-size structures. Drawing comparison between the 300-meter development of New York's Hudson Yards, the 600-meter Ping An IFC in Shenzhen, and the 1,000-meter Jeddah Tower, a relationship was found between the desire for an icon and the practicality of such construction in nations of different cultural and economic background. What was once pushing the limits of construction technology has become achievable for new cities establishing global recognition while megacities still find stability and need for the tall, mixed-use development.

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