1 Undershaft – The City of London's New Skyscraper Where the Public Comes First

Eric Parry
Founder, Principal
Eric Parry Architects, London

The presentation described the aims underpinning the proposed development at 1 Undershaft in the City of London. The project will be exemplary in putting the public first, featuring a new square at the tower base and offering the capital’s highest free viewing gallery at the crown. Additionally, 1 Undershaft will be one of the tallest buildings in the City of London, establishing a new benchmark for high rise development in London for the next decade by providing flexible, high-quality, open-planned office accommodations within an elegant tapered form expressed through its unique external structural corten mega-frame. At ground level, the building is elevated to open up the public space, creating an animated public realm with a lowered landscaped court and retail gallery. Transfer zones within the building sky lobbies continue the public activity of the building.

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