Engineering properties of composite mega-columns with separately encased hot rolled steel profiles CTBUH Research

Congzhen Xiao
Vice-Chief Engineer
China Academy of Building Research, Beijing

This presentation offered an experimental study on the behavior of composite mega-columns with separately encased steel profiles. Ten scaled composite columns were designed, including six 1/4-scaled test specimens and four 1/6-scaled test specimens tested under static and quasi-static loads, respectively. The controlling parameter in this research was the eccentricity ratio of the applied loads. Results indicated that within the 15 percent eccentricity ratio, (1) full composite action between concrete and the steel profiles can be realized, even though the steel profiles are not connected with one another; (2) the current AISC-LRFD, Eurocode4, and Chinese code JGJ 138 are able to predict the flexural capacity of this kind of column with sufficient accuracy and a reasonable margin of safety; and (3) the deformation capacities of the specimens meet the minimum requirement specified by the codes. Finally, a simplified design method was provided in this presentation. This research was initiated and sponsored by ArcelorMittal.

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