Tall Buildings and Polycentricity

Greg Yager
Senior Vice President
CallisonRTKL, Shanghai

Dwindling land reserves, water and food shortages, climate change, diminishing air quality, environmental degradation – these are all among the intractable challenges we face in cities the world over. Transit, engineering and architectural planning must evolve to address these issues in a holistic, sustainable manner. Meanwhile, population increases are projected to reach unprecedented levels and designers and architects are being asked to build cities on a scale unheard of a decade ago. How do we accommodate such rapid growth while maintaining quality of life? How do we design harmonious, sustainable developments that render our urban areas competitive forces in the global market?

As the future of our cities is dependent on high-density, mixed-use development, this presentation explored the role of the tall building as the center of a polycentric planning model. The ways in which tall buildings act as a reference point for all other development and strategies for finding the right mix of uses and mobility options were also discussed. The presentation utilized case studies and highlighted key cities – including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou – that will serve as vital laboratories for testing new ideas and methods in the years to come.

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