Research and Design of a Complex Connected Structure Consisting of Three Super High-rise Towers

Wenwei Jiang
Chief Engineer
East China Architectural Design & Research Institute, Shanghai

Currently under construction, Golden Eagle Plaza is slated to be the highest rigid-connected building in the world. The building consists of three supertall towers of over 300 meters, which are connected at the height of approximately 200 meters by a six-story sky lobby. The longest span of the sky lobby exceeds 70 meters. The dynamic properties and coupling effects brought on by the six-story sky lobby and the individual towers were discussed in this presentation. A method based on sinusoidal excitation was applied to detect the development's seismic weakness. Characteristics of the wind load and key points on the design of the sky lobby are expounded. Research concludes that the seismic performance of this connected structure is quite different from that of a single tower. Some regulations in present codes are inapplicable to this particular structure. Results of the shake-table test confirm that the seismic capacity of the connected structure is reliable and appropriate, and it is consistent with the established design objective.

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