New World Centre Remodeling -Sustainable Building Design and Next-Generation Mixed-Use Developments

Jeff Tung
Senior Project Director
New World Development Company Limited, Hong Kong

As one of the most concentrated metropolises in the world, Hong Kong developers and architects face some unique challenges on sustainable building design. The Hong Kong Buildings Department launched the Sustainable Building Design (SBD) Guidelines in 2011 to encourage developers to take a more responsive role on issues regarding bulk, height, ventilation, greenery and energy efficiency in buildings. The remodeling of New World Centre will be the first-ever large-scale development in Hong Kong with design in strict adherence to SBD Guidelines, and it is scheduled for completion in 2017/2018. This presentation highlighted the New World Centre Remodeling Project as a case study to elaborate the effect of SBD Guidelines on the creation of mixed-use development in a crowded urban environment. With a holistic design and overall site planning, New World Development is able to overcome those challenges and set a new standard for urban sustainable development.

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