A Perspective of TAIPEI 101’s Decision to Upgrade Recertification to LEED O+M v4

Joseph Chou CTBUH Leader
Taipei Financial Center Corporation, Taipei

The sheer size and complexity of a building like TAIPEI 101, along with the international nature of the project and newness of LEED v4, can present particular challenges to project teams. Notwithstanding this, TAIPEI 101 is in many ways representative of all multi-tenant office buildings, as are the plurality of LEED O+M projects, and therefore the success of this particular building offers a relevant case study for buildings of this type. This presentation illustrated key issues for the project team relating to the increased stringency of the new system. The audience benefited from the perspective of the project owner to understand the impact and change in management brought about by the practical differences between LEED v2009 O+M and v4. Aside from the technical aspects of LEED v4 O+M in detail, this presentation analyzed the business benefits to TAIPEI 101 and the importance of tenant interaction in LEED v4 O+M certification.

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