Ecosystem-driven value creation for smarter, digitalized buildings

Jukka Salmikuukka
Director, New Business Concepts
KONE, Espoo

Digitization is reshaping industries and driving the rise of new business models, with new ways of working and new entrants rewriting the rules in the media, leisure, and transportation industries. At the same time, urbanization is continuing at a remarkable pace, leading to more densely developed cities with taller buildings. Digitization makes these buildings smarter. Smooth people flow in buildings relies on numerous factors, systems, functions, and circumstances, all of which must meet the needs of end users. This complex challenge cannot be solved by a single operator using closed, proprietary systems. It requires a more open approach where solutions from various vendors work together efficiently and seamlessly. This presentation described how the ecosystem-driven business model will drive new innovation and value creation. It examined how modern operating models based on an API (application programming interface) Economy can be applied in smarter buildings to improve both convenience and building appeal.

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