Merdeka PNB118 Case Study: Adding Value to the Growing City

Karl Fender CTBUH Leader
Fender Katsalidis Architects, Melbourne

Tall buildings embody objectives ranging from pure business to nation building. The KL118 Tower in particular represents these objectives and more as it successfully knits together cultural and social needs into the urban fabric to revitalize a historically significant, but sometimes forgotten neighborhood, and creates a model of urban living. The completion of this project will demonstrate the client’s and designer’s vision of creating an urban, sculptural testament to the aspirations of the Malaysian people. KL118’s dynamically intertwining geometries represent the complete weaving of culture and community. Complex community and regulatory, cultural and commercial challenges are balanced to make this project a model city within a city. Values are enriched by weaving best practices in environmental, transport, connectivity and livability within the tower. The development extends and expands on the surrounding metropolis, and enhances and demonstrates future ambitions.

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