New approaches for efficient People Transportation in both Dimensions – Vertically and Horizontally

Karl-Otto Schoellkopf
Head of Global High Rise Product Manager, Product Lifecycle Management
thyssenkrupp, Essen

The trend of growing cities with permanently increasing populations will require new and visionary solutions for mobility in urban areas. Moving people as we are used to do today – either by individual cars, buses, taxis, etc., will lead to chaotic traffic conditions, high environmental impacts and a poor quality of life. This presentation offered new approaches in technology that improve connections and network links to and between public transportation systems like metros, etc. Increasing the height of buildings demands an increasing number of vertical transportation equipment, requiring more elevators with more vertical hoistway with more demands on space in the building's footprint. New innovations in technology, like thyssenkrupp’s MULTI® as a the first rope less elevator system and TWIN®, would allow for better transportation and building efficiency by means of multiple car systems in reduced hoistway space. Different possibilities of vertical transportation in high-rise buildings were explored. In the end, the right combination of elevator systems will prove key for an efficient solution.

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