Structural Performance Upgrading and Optimization of Supertall Residential Buildings

Xin Zhao
Executive Deputy Director
Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai

Due to huge investment amounts, supertall residential buildings are commonly developed as luxury properties whose building performance requirements are high. Typical requirements include large interior spaces, broad vision, expansive balconies, and indoor swimming pools, etc. The structural design for the lateral system of supertall building is commonly controlled by stiffness and human comfort performances under lateral loads for which the aforementioned requirements are disadvantageous. The developers manage the construction costs to increase yield rate. However, these requirements reduce the structural efficiency, and thus increase the construction cost control difficulty. The discrepancies between performance, efficiency and cost have to be resolved by introducing proper performance upgrading and optimization methods. A supertall residential building cluster located in Xiamen, namely Dijingyuan project, was employed to investigate these methods which cover various aspects, such as loads, materials, systems, structural layouts, vibration control devices, optimization algorithm, model parameters, and connection upgrading etc.

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