Sustainable Integration of Tall Buildings and the Urban Habitat for the Mega-Cities of the Future

Anil Hira CTBUH Leader
Regional Director, India
BuroHappold Engineering, Mumbai

Tall buildings increasingly dominate our skylines as an almost inevitable response to urbanisation. They often do not integrate well with the urban habitat in which they are located however, a must for long-term social, environmental and commercial sustainability, marching towards the age of the megacity. Instead, their dominance of the skyline separates them almost physically from the urban fabric around them, taking away from their environment instead of breathing life into it. This presentation examined what it takes to successfully integrate a tall building into the urban fabric, outlining the symbiotic benefit such integration generates for the urban habitat, the tower itself, and the city, and looking at the current drivers for integration from the perspective of different building typologies. Through examples, the presentation looked at the keys to successful integrated design, including people-centric design, and considered a framework for success for social, commercial and economic sustainability.

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