Replacing Corridors with Sky-Courts to Create Affordable and Socially Desirable High-rise Housing

Mazlin Ghazali
Arkitek M. Ghazali, Kuala Lumpur

Studies over the last 60 years have consistently concluded that high-rise housing is less suitable for most people compared to low-rise, especially for children. To overcome the social objections to high-rise housing, a new typology is proposed. In this scenario, access to all of the apartments is through landscaped sky-courts, up to 6 stories high, which afford each unit a private and a public garden just outside it. Corridors are totally eliminated. The “sky neighborhood” typology is compared with seven examples from 60 years of high-rise social housing in Singapore. The floor areas of the new layout and the comparisons are broken down according to function and analyzed in terms of efficiency. This comparative study shows that eliminating mono-functional corridors and replacing them with landscaped sky-courts can be a cost-efficient solution to creating the basic neighborhood units of a dense vertical city to overcome the social defects of high-rise.

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