Creating Effective Workplace Environments in China’s Vertical Megacities

Moira Moser
M Moser Associates, Hong Kong

The buying values of entrepreneurial end-user clients in China and the Pearl River Delta focus on internal environments that will attract the knowledge workers that their businesses require. In 35 years China has evolved from a cheap labor source to a knowledge economy. Businesses now must compete to attract and retain knowledge workers. Thus, the workplace has become a crucial buying value: its light, air, temperature, and environment must enhance the worker’s well-being, while IT and communications support their productivity. Buildings and campuses within the megacity must also be sustainably designed and provide the amenities expected in a thriving neighborhood. China’s entrepreneurial clients often grow so rapidly that what they initially think they will need as part of a building quickly grows to occupying the whole structure, making internal flexibility within the initial building design critical.

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