An Integrated Solution To Enable Safe Evacuation of Tall Buildings

Murilo Bonilha CTBUH Leader
General Manager
United Technologies Corporation, Shanghai

Implementing real-time, efficient, and intelligent tall building egresses that ensure human safety in cases of emergencies can be extremely difficult. Most current egress strategies are pre-designed and based solely on the usage of stairs; therefore, it is desirable to have an egress system which could utilize elevators and also provide clear guidance. In this presentation, we proposed a real-time system that has the capability to monitor fire and smoke sensor statuses in the building, dispatch elevators automatically for egress and ingress, and also allow for first responders to push different and dynamic egress routes based on people locations to avoid congestion. Our proposed real-time, intelligent egress system is the first of its kind – an integrated solution that combines different building systems and sensors to work together and guide people to optimal routes for efficient evacuation. Our proposed egress system also allows first responders to view and manage the building systems’ statuses remotely.

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