Open Air, Sun and a Glass of Wine - Mediterranean Lifestyle in High-Rise Residential Buildings

Nirit Rosenstein
Real Estate Development Fund, Tel Aviv

This presentation suggested a look into the local interpretation of dense vertical urbanism in Mediterranean cities through a whirlwind overview of high-rise residential development in the sea-side city Tel Aviv, Israel. Though certain parameters are common to skyscrapers, and specifically residential towers, all over the globe, local climate, culture and even geopolitical situations influence the shape of tall buildings in certain places. Much like other Mediterranean cities, Tel Aviv is dominated by its beaches, all year-round mild climate, and a warm cosmopolitan vibrant nature of its inhabitants. Uniquely, the local attributes have a tremendous influence on the design of residential towers, introducing unique features into typical buildings' structure, envelope, layout and setting. Since dramatic change alters the city's skyline so rapidly, It produces a learning process for all thriving to improve the outcome and its relation to the local context.

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