Iconic Yet Efficient: R&F Yingkai Square - The Complications of Context

Paul De Santis
Goettsch Partners, Chicago

What has now become a common challenge to tower designers worldwide: one must develop a supertall tower that provides a unique architectural identity while maximizing programmatic efficiency. R&F Yingkai Square is located on a very tight urban site with direct connection to local transit and neighboring structures through its elevated and underground networks. Topping out at 300 meters, it is now considered short by its contextual standards. Therefore, the ambitions to create an architectural identity had to be found through something beyond sheer height alone. This presentation explored the massing strategies that are inspired by cultural metaphor while clearly identifying the programmatic needs of retail, office and hotel contained within. In addition, the architectural enclosure was further explained for its distinct visual character that integrates ventilation, performance and lighting in a holistic manner. Merging these approaches creates a unique identity for R&F Yingkai Square among the many varied new towers of the Guangzhou Pearl River development area.

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