The Integrated Smart Design Tools for Tall Building Design

Peng Liu CTBUH Leader
Arup, Beijing

A series of integrated smart design tools has been developed to satisfy different design requirements and to achieve an optimal balance between economics and safety. The series of tools combines the functions of parametric modelling, optimization modules, and visualization tools based on the same platform. Through parametric design, the design process as a whole, which includes geometric studies, structural analyses, drawing production, and BIM modelling, are automated. Embedded within the workflow, the structural optimization module enables engineers to efficiently find the optimal distribution of structural elements. Then, a web-based visualization tool and an augmented reality (AR) visualization tool are used so that post-design data can be shown through diagrams to facilitate further design and coordination. These integrated smart design tools have already been successfully applied to several supertall building projects, with heights ranging from 200 meters to 500 meters and beyond. This presentation described the application of the tools in different high-rise buildings and values added to all the participants.

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