Enhancing Construction Efficiency and Safety with Self-climbing Elevators

Santeri Suoranta CTBUH Leader
Director, High Rise Platforms, Major Projects
KONE, Hyvinkää

The KONE JumpLift is a self-climbing elevator that uses the building’s hoist-ways while under construction, following the formwork as the building grows higher. The solution provides higher load capacities and faster speeds than rack-and-pinion hoists and it can operate regardless of weather conditions.

The JumpLift provides faster, safer, and more reliable elevator service during construction. The efficiency gains it enables result in greater productivity, better quality, and reduced costs. JumpLift can shorten construction schedules by as much as 20%, which means a quicker return on investment.

In addition, there are other benefits not directly related to construction. These can include savings on insurance and storage costs resulting from reduced man-hours for construction and more predictable material flow. Finally, because fewer external lifts are required and construction is faster, the KONE JumpLift helps to reduce the overall impact of the project on the surrounding community.

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