Structural Design Challenges of Minmetals Capital South China Tower, Shenzhen

SawTeen See CTBUH Leader

, New York City

Steel braced frames combined with a concrete services core are widely used in tall building design. To meet the special architectural design challenges in the Minmetals Capital South China Tower in Shenzhen, such as the large, column-free spaces at the lower levels, notches in the building elevations, building setbacks at the lower floors, and the unique sail-like building shape of the tower, steel bracing, belt trusses, and moment frames, coupled to a concrete services core were selected for the 150-meter-tall tower. Uniquely-shaped composite columns with embedded steel are used to achieve the large clear spans. Due to the tight site area, shaped like a quadrant of a circle, the tower is located close to the property line. Its columns are in line with the basement wall, which serves as both the retaining wall and the support of the tower columns. A glass-clad skybridge connects the podium (also sited on the property line) to the tower, opening up additional street-level access. The podium features a long-span skylight structure which brings natural light into the space. The skybridge allows for safe access to the podium by the office occupants in incumbent weather.

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