Feasibility Study to Implement the Passive House Standard on Tall Residential Buildings

Daniel Kaplan
Senior Partner
FXCollaborative, New York City

A FXFOWLE lead team is near completion on a research grant funded by The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority to determine if the Passive House Standard can be implemented on a tall residential building in the megacity of New York City. The research study is noteworthy because it considers a building that is taller and larger than the biggest Passive House building in the world. The study considers a climate with humidity that is more globally relevant to countries like China than the temperate central European setting for which the Passive House Standard was developed. The study currently results in drastic energy reductions in line with those expected by the Passive House Standard. This presentation presented the results of the study. It included a viable design for a tall Passive House residential building, and analyzed its impacts from multiple perspectives.

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