21st Century Vertical Lifestyles - Intergenerational, Integrated Communities

Stephan Reinke
Stephan Reinke Architects Limited, London

How does the 21st Century youth culture of social media integrate and merge with an ever increasing tech savvy senior population? As our cities and urban environments become increasingly dense and tall, the challenges and opportunities for vertical communities become integral to sound urban design. This fusion of dense, tall and intergenerational living is an emerging typology in London, with long standing exemplars and progressive new thinking in Hong Kong. The definition of intergenerational is something where multiple generations of people intermingle or come together. Both London and Hong Kong offer examples of how we are shaping a dense vertical urbanism. Many urbanists and architects in the 1920s predicted that suburban migrations would give way to sprawl, other urban “futurists” believed that people would be living and thriving in high-density vertical cities. In 1928, architect Harvey Corbett proposed that everything from homes to green spaces would be stacked in the ultimate megacity; as we now find in HK and London. Our primary objective was to explore dense, vertical environments and urban case studies in HK and London; that weave together disparate age groups and changing lifestyles, into a vibrant urban fabric.

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