High-Rise Testing of Drainage Systems on Two of the World’s Tallest Test Towers.

Steve White
Technical Director DWV
Aliaxis, London

The drainage systems in tall buildings are being subjected to greater loadings. The effect of negative and positive transients is, therefore, becoming a larger issue. The vents to the atmosphere are further away, and the increased communication time for the pressure regime within the pipe leads to the system pressure exceeding +-400Pa, with the loss of water trap seals. National codes do not provide sufficient information to engineers, due to many of the codes being based on steady state flows versus the real inherently unsteady state discharges that occur. This presentation offered findings of physical testing carried out on two testing towers located in the UK and China. The testing subjects both systems to unsteady discharges to determine the maximum loadings for both 100mm and 150mm sized pipe systems, with the key criteria being that all the traps seals are maintained.

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