Humanizing the Giants

Swinal Samant
Senior Lecturer
National University of Singapore, Singapore

The rise in sustainable skyscrapers and large-scale mixed-use buildings has seen the proliferation of atria and sky-courts worldwide due to their ability to simultaneously contribute to aesthetic, socio-cultural, economic and environmental functions. This presentation examined the various dimensions of atria and sky-courts with a view to understanding how such spaces can become the "breathing lungs" of rapidly urbanizing cities that are experiencing loss of civic and green spaces; and how they could contribute to low energy buildings in urban settings. Furthermore, the presentation explored the mediating role of these spaces in creating vital bridges, most notably between the masses and the voids of a city, the public and the private spaces of a city, the inside and the outside, the built and the un-built, the soaring vertical and the horizontal, the old and the new, and the buildings and their infrastructure.

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