Unpacking Composite Construction: Global Trends CTBUH Research

Terri Meyer Boake
University of Waterloo, Toronto

There has been a marked shift away from the use of steel as the primary structural system that had long been the Western standard for skyscrapers, towards a preference for reinforced concrete that is being quickly caught by the use of “composite structures.” A study was undertaken to discover the more particular nature of composite construction beyond its general definition in The Skyscraper Center database in order to provide a finer-grained appreciation of construction practices that could assist designers and researchers in understanding the nature of these applications and the global impact of the same. This presentation described findings regarding the detailed nature of the evolution of composite construction types as are used in buildings 150m or taller. The research looked at the global distribution of the five identified primary composite types: concrete core with steel framing; concrete filled steel tubes; concrete encased steel; reinforced concrete columns; and precast concrete columns.

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