Informative Design – Personalized Elevators in the Information Age

Richard Pulling
VP - Global Major Projects
Otis Elevator Company, Hartford

Over the years, elevators have become faster, safer, more intelligent, and highly energy efficient. They are now a way of life, and their design is quite mature. We are now entering a phase of “Informative Design,” where information is the new commodity that will drive efficiency and value. Smart phones and other portable communication platforms carried by the elevator user provide a rich source of information that may be augmented with additional sensors in the elevator to deliver a customized experience. In this presentation, we described some novel ways to enhance safety, convenience, personalization, and efficiency for the riding passenger. Benefits include seamless dispatching with minimized wait times, security and safety during transit, and a customized experience. We also described the use of remotely accessible sensors on the elevator to improve the reliability of the elevator and enhance the experience of the building manager.

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