Wind Induced Structure Responses Study on RCCQ Project

Xiangdong Du
Technical Director
RWDI, Shanghai

The Raffles City Chongqing project is one of the largest developments in the world. Located between Chao Tian Men Square and Jiefangbei in Yuzhong District, Chongqing China, it is a curved line of eight towers 182–310 meters tall, bent to resemble masts. A bridge (called conservatory) connecting Towers 2 and 5 passes through towers T3N and T4N and structurally link these 4 towers. In addition to the bridge, wind load challenges include multi-tower interference and the complex local terrain. Due to the complex wind loading, RWDI and CapitaLand conducted tests to the structural model in RWDI's wind tunnels. RWDI obtained site wind profiles incorporating the effect of nearby hills and mountains through topographical study. Both High Frequency Force Balance and Pressure Integration methods were used in the wind-induced structural response study. The wind loads thus obtained were then used for the structural design. A multi-force-balance system was used to analyze.

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