Mixed-use Super Tall Building as the Approach to Shaping Dense Vertical Urbanism

Zhendong Wang
Assistant Dean
Tongji University, Shanghai

In the pursuit of denser, more concentrated sustainable cities which reduce the loss of open space and energy-intensive transport and infrastructure networks, tall buildings have an opportunity to reinvent themselves as the typology for a sustainable urban future. As we face the challenges of the future population explosion, urban renewal and climate change, tall buildings can become focused centers of live, work, play and even transportation activities, through innovative forms, technologies and environments.

Based on the above thinking, this presentation explored the new paradigms of tall buildings, inspired by local environmental factors and cultural/vernacular traditions. It also shared and reflected upon the research achievements of the joint studios between Tongji University and CTBUH in Chicago, 2013; New York, 2014; and Miami, 2015. This presentation also introduced 9 different prototypes developed by the research studios as examples of how tall buildings can take a strong role in shaping dense vertical urbanism.

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