Ways to improve cleaning and maintenance strategies and systems in Dense Vertical Urban Environments

Liam Shepherd
Head of Facade Access
D2E, London

The objective of this presentation was to raise awareness about the importance of façade access design and how to develop an effective access and maintenance (A&M) strategy. The type and quality of the systems should be considered carefully at the early design stages. This is becoming increasingly important with the rapid growth of dense vertical urban environments throughout the world. The consequence of getting the strategy wrong can have a detrimental impact on the overall appearance and expected lifecycle of the façade, particularly when referring to supertall structures. This presentation looked at methods of "best practices and addresses how the risk of a poor A&M strategy can be avoided. By considering A&M at the early design stages of a project, a pragmatic and coordinated approach can be taken to ensure that key system requirements are identified and building interfaces are factored in to the building design to avoid implications at a later date.

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