Improving Vertical Transportation Design for a Dense Vertical Urban Environment

Paul Burns
Associate Director
D2E, London

The development of high-rise residential buildings has grown significantly over the past decade in response to the global increase in population density in urban centers. Urban populations accounted for 54 percent of the global population in 2014 – up from just 34 percent in 1960 – and are predicted to approach 70 percent by 2050. In this world of increasingly dense urbanization and the drive to build ever taller, vertical transportation (VT) has become a vital component to this urban expansion; however, recent experience has highlighted an apparent gap in the expectations and perceptions between key stakeholders (including end users) as to the roles and capabilities of VT in supporting high-rise living. In this presentation, D2E explored and compared those expectations and perceptions through surveys, direct interviews, its own VT design experience, gathered industry data, and previous such studies, with the aim of defining and bridging the divisions that currently exist.

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