Bangkok and the MahaNakhon Tower

Kipsan Beck
Managing Director - MahaNakhon
PACE Development Corporation Plc., Bangkok

When the developer and architect behind MahaNakhon Tower set out to design and build the tallest building in Bangkok, they were determined to construct a tower that would not just make its presence known on the skyline, but would also contribute positively to the city’s unique urban environment by responding directly to local needs and constraints. Through thoughtful design considerations, they successfully completed a tower that makes an architectural statement while thoroughly integrating itself with its surroundings through new transportation links, retail offerings, and inviting public space. MahaNakhon’s instantly iconic pixelated design responds to the constraints of the site and visually denotes the importance of the structure. Through its unique design, MahaNakhon dismantles the traditional formula of a seamless, inert, glossy totem, and instead actively engages in the city.

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