Intelligent Mega-Scale Gates on PAFC North Tower

Wai Ming (Thomas) Tsang
Ping An Financial Center Construction & Development, Shenzhen

This presentation discussed client requirements on both functional and aesthetic aspects for four mega-scale gates on the Ping An Financial Centre (PAFC) north tower. The PAFC north tower is a 600-meter-tall super high-rise building located in the Futian District CBD in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, PRC. In order to carry out maintenance on the 97th-plus-story of the tower, there is one building maintenance unit (BMU) seating on BMU floor at +567.65m. This BMU is 12 meters (long) by four meters (wide) by five meters (high), with a total extension to 32.5 meters and an extra extension of 20.5 meters. Proving way out for the BMU, four intelligent mega-scale doors with a size of nine meters (wide) by 8.15 meters (high) weighted 30T each mounted underneath the “diamond crown” of PAFC north tower. These four intelligent mega-scale doors are designed with special functions, including special operation requirements, adverse weather proofing, and good appearance.

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