Vertical Futures: A Report on Progress CTBUH Research

David Malott CTBUH Leader

, New York City

We are at the cusp of a building revolution which, for the first time, won’t be led by a developer, builder, architect, engineer, or urban planner. Technological innovation operating at unprecedented scale and speed is reshaping how buildings and cities are designed, constructed, and operated. Robotic construction, computer enhanced design, and augmented environments are a few examples that are disrupting traditional processes. This presentation introduces the initial results of Vertical Futures, a research project initiated by CTBUH and funded by the Henry C. Tuner Prize awarded to CTBUH in 2015. Following on CTBUH’s 2014 “Roadmap on the Future Needs of Tall Buildings,” the Future Technology Index aims to identify, audit, and classify the leading-edge technologies CTBUH members believe will transform tall buildings and future cities.

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