Data-Driven Regional Typologies

James von Klemperer
President, Design Principal
Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, New York City

This presentation outlined X-Information Modeling or XIM, a method of data-driven decision-making for the design of tall buildings. Developed over its application on more than 200 projects worldwide, XIM comprises a set of digital evaluation tools that match data analysis to 3D models, enabling designers to iterate tens-of-thousands of design options against criteria tailored to the building’s urban context. Particularly, for dense urban environments, this interactive design system helps designers respond to regionally specific constraints and objectives, such as zoning, climate, and market expectations. This presentation demonstrated the application of this methodology in three use cases: the iterative design of a hypothetical skyscraper in Manhattan, a data-driven analysis of New York, London, and Shanghai, and in aiding a city planning department in a rezoning.

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