A Novel Facade System to Improve the Whole High-Rise Building Process

Henrik Andersson
Technical Director
Brunkeberg Systems AB, Stockholm

This presentation introduced a fa├žade system integrated with the vertical transportation of building materials and climbing weather protection for the faster and safer construction of high-rise buildings. In the presented case study, the general contractor estimates building a high-rise in half the originally planned construction time with the use of these innovations. The system is designed with a focus on reducing time for projects and, instead promoting flow on construction sites according to lean principles, recognizing the problems in traditional installation systems, such as the chain reactions of delay and high-rise logistical bottlenecks. This weather-independent system is to be installed and run from the building exterior and requires only minimal on-floor work. This innovative, climbing weather protection system acclimates the working area, providing a controlled environment for welding and concrete work. The system, including patented technologies, has successful onsite trials and is ready for full commercialization.

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