What's Next?

Winy Maas
Co-Founding Director
MVRDV, Rotterdam

It seems sometimes as if the further away from the ground we rise, the more architectonic and less urban our buildings become. Skyscrapers have always been about power, but they should also be about society. As our global society increasingly becomes an urban one, then development of skyscrapers should be taking a critical new direction. The question is not, how many skyscrapers can we build, and how high? The questions are: How do we make vertical urban design? How do we take those facets we value the most about our urban villages – informality, flexibility, human scale, evolutionary growth – and incorporate these into vertical cities? How do we validate programs to deal with them in the context of local culture, instead of merely “attacking” localities with monotonous tower blocks? What’s next for the planetary skyline, which is inextricable with the question, what’s next for life on this planet?

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